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ISO Registration Process: Simple Ways to Impress Your ISO Auditor

For many people, the term “quality” is rather subjective; what one person defines as a “high-quality product” may differ from how another person defines it. What cannot be disputed, however, is that once a process has been approved by a recognized ISO 9001 registrar, that particular process is on par with global quality standards.

Of course, ISO 9001 isn’t a requirement for businesses, but it does make a company look impressive. After all, being ISO 9001 certified tells consumers that your business cares about the quality of your products and services. That alone can improve the number of customers you see and the profits your business enjoys.


An AS9100 Certification Can Help Your Organization in Numerous Ways

British IT firm Xchanging plc recently achieved the much-coveted AS9100 certification. The company made its achievement public in a recent press release posted on the company website dated April 8, 2014.

If you are seeking AS9100 certification for your company, there are three options available to you: Perform the necessary steps to certification on your own, use documentation and training programs to train your organization, or hire an ISO consultant to complete the entire certification process with you. In any case, once your quality management system is implemented, you’ll need to have it audited by an AS9100 registrar like International Standards Authority, Inc.