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How AS9120 Certification Can Help Ensure Safety in Air Transportation

Improving pilot competency is, of course, paramount. While airline authorities can’t do much in the way of weather, aircraft manufacturers could make sure that components and parts come from AS9120 certified vendors and distributors. AS9120 is a quality management system (QMS) certification given to suppliers of aerospace parts and assemblies, among other industries, that meet specific standards of quality.

QMS certification is done to guarantee reliability in product performance. The AS9120 standard assures clients that the parts and components have undergone rigorous testing and inspection before being sold. In the case of the aerospace industry, having AS9120 certification lessens the risk of future accidents resulting from defective equipment.


ESD 20:20 Certification Assures Product Safety and Verifies Quality

Certification implies that the manufacturer has been educated, trained, and therefore eligible to produce quality products. There are stringent requirements to be met and rigorous testing to be done when applying for certification. When a company is able to fulfill those prerequisites, their niche market can confidently purchase their goods. The increased sales opportunities and reduced liabilities definitely make certification a worthwhile investment.

Enterprises who wish to obtain the ANSI/ESD s20.20 certification should seek ISO certification services from recognized certifying bodies like International Standards Authority, Inc. Accredited by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board, the registrar can verify the product’s quality, which will be recognized globally.

ESD 20:20 Certification for Safety and Quality in Electronic Systems

“ESD is why many industry giants like IBM and Lockheed Martin necessitate their subcontractors to have ESD 20:20 certification. The ESD 20:20 is an ESD control program standard created by the ESD Association. Companies engaging in these industries are required to secure this international standard certification to be more competent in their field.

Part of the standardization program among almost all international companies around the globe is the ISO certification. Having one is a plus for a company competing internationally. Hence, it is only imperative to secure an ISO certification from authorities on international standards like the International Standards Authority, Inc.”