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AS9120 Certification: Ensuring Quality Aircraft Parts for Safe Flying

Dismissed as a minor accident at first, the ultralight plane crash last April 22 that occurred in the middle of Delta Highway was recently opened for further investigation by Canada’s Transportation Safety Board (TSB). The pilot, Paul Deane-Freeman, reportedly suffered a fractured vertebra and is still recovering from the accident.

What is an ultra-light plane?

The Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association of Canada (LAMAC) defines a basic ultra-light aeroplane as an aircraft that has at least two seats, with a take-off weight of 544 kg and landing configuration of 45 mph (39 knots). An ultralight aircraft is for recreation purposes only, although it may also be used for pilot trainings in conformity with the Canadian Aviation Regulations. Although manufacturers of ultra-light planes are not required to meet any standards in their products, the LAMAC recommends that they apply materials and practices accepted in general aviation.


AS9120 Certification Must Be Followed by Endless Dedication to Quality

Fighter aircrafts like the F-15 are subjected to extreme G-forces in the air. Sharp turns can pull as much as 7 Gs, which both pilot and aircraft should be able to withstand. Aircraft parts like wing pins must be designed to handle these stresses with ease, or the risk of losing an aircraft to high G-forces than in actual combat would be greater.

It goes without saying that many of the Air Force’s aircrafts have established a long-standing reputation for ruggedness, with the F-15 as no exception. In fact, in 1983, an Israeli Air Force F-15D lost its right wing after a mid-air collision with an A-4N Skyhawk during a mock air battle. While the Skyhawk pilot ejected, the Eagle pilot—Zivi Nedivi—maintained control long enough to land safely.

Quality Boost: Prompt ISO 9001 Certification Brings Solid Benefits

Some companies may hesitate at undergoing a thorough ISO 9001 certification process because of the amount of preparation it takes. However, firms that have received the certification have benefited greatly from being accredited: In a recent survey, 81 percent of responders have claimed that ISO 9001 certification has definitely helped them become more competitive. This comes in the form of getting more contracts, increased internal efficiency, and higher client confidence.

Be Better: Quality Management Systems like AS9120 Improve Businesses

However, just saying you have implemented a quality management system isn’t enough. It still needs to be confirmed by an independent agency. An example of this would be a thorough AS9120 certification process from an accredited body like the International Standards Authority, Inc. (ISA). This usually involves observation and auditing by the certifier’s representatives over a period of months before you are fully certified.

ISO Registration: Improving Product Quality and Business’s Reputation

“A business can create and implement its own operation and management standards. However, these standards may not be aligned with existing laws governing business systems. It will help to get accreditation from recognized standards-creating bodies like ISO. Businesses with ISO registration conform to specifications, standards, and customer expectations in the most cost effective and efficient way.

One of ISO’s most popular standards that has helped many businesses improve the quality of their products and services is the ISO 9001. Unlike the previous standards published by ISO, ISO 9001 is the only one against which an organization can be certified. It is designed to help organizations improve their operation and management systems through internal audits and management reviews.”

ISO 9001 and Quality: Turning the Tables on Current Business Doctrine

“Turning the Tables

Compliance with global standards will definitely involve a hefty investment, not just prior to the certification process but also until the next ISO 9001 certification. Be sure you’re financially ready to tackle this endeavor if it will ultimately mean more satisfied customers.

Although ISO has a specific standard for customer satisfaction, ISO 9001 specifies the general layout. Experts say a loyal customer has more weight than several temporary ones since the former has been satisfied with the business’s products and services for years. Studies show that it’s more cost-effective to keep loyal customers than attract new ones.”

How an ISO 9001 Certification Upgrades the Quality of your Business

“What started as a small machine shop has now emerged to become a full-service custom fabrication facility, certified to meet its customers’ requirements and needs. In an ever-changing market, maintaining and constantly revolutionizing standards are essential to attaining the desired results.

The achievement of obtaining the coveted ISO certification 9001, according to Accurate Companies president Aaron Kamins, “demonstrates Accurate Perforating’s and Accurate Metal Fabricating’s commitment to uphold the highest quality standards.” Furthermore, he stated that “this achievement reflects and recognizes our employees’ commitment and hard work to manufacture only to the highest quality and performance.” As a result, more of the company’s clients can rest assured that they are receiving optimal value for their money.”