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AS9100 Certified Companies Demonstrate Effective Quality Management

The AS9100 standard was created specifically for the aviation, space and defense industries. It serves the purpose of achieving significant improvements in those industries in areas of safety, quality and customer service. Companies that are certified with this standard can be confident that they have an effective quality management system, and by extension, so can their customers.

According to Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, “Thermacore Inc., a provider of advanced thermal and material solutions, has received full recertification to both AS9100:2009 Rev. C and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standards at its Lancaster, Pennsylvania, headquarters and manufacturing facility.” The company received recertification for their design, manufacture and distribution of thermal management components and systems.


ISO 9001 Registration Process: What Companies Need to Know Beforehand

Receiving an ISO certification is a way for companies to establish better control over their operation and management of business processes, to improve customer satisfaction, and to enhance their image. Going through the ISO registration process motivates companies to make changes to their management system and improve their business operations further. It’s not just about getting the certification, but also preparing for quality management systems.

The best way to prepare for ISO is to use the standard as a guide. One of the tasks is to develop a quality management system. This is a big challenge for most companies, but with on-going commitment, it can be successful. A quality management system seeks to create policies and objectives to control the company in terms of quality. It is important that top management is fully on-board for the creation and execution of the quality management system as well as for maintaining it.

Companies Avoid Electrostatic Discharge by Getting ESD 20:20 Certified

Certified static-free

Since the realization of how much damage can be caused by ESD, industry giants together with local government have conspired to create a process called ESD 20:20, which is offered by ISO certification services. This attests that the product was built in a static-free environment, assuring customers of its top quality and functionality. Besides implementing the measures stated above for avoiding ESD, the factory environment needs to be ionized to neutralize static buildups, and the products are required to be stored and shipped in static-proof material.

Quality assurance

Customers deserve to be confident about whatever they’re purchasing. The ISO and ESD certificates are manufacturers’ way of giving them just that. Where there is customer confidence, there is more business.

Working with an ISO 9001 Registrar Help Companies Get Certification

“Since ISO 9001 essentially calls for organizations to consistently deliver quality products while attending to customer requests and feedback, it can apply to any industry— whether manufacturing companies or financial institutions. Since earning this certification requires hard work and effort, however, finding an ISO 9001 registrar can go a long way. Here are tips to qualify for certification:

Get updated for 2015 changes

The ISO 9001 standard offers a structure for companies to launch their quality management system, but this is currently being revised. According to CanadianMetalworking.com, one of the most noteworthy changes is the requirement for organizations to be more adaptable to an external approach, which means they should have risk assessment and management systems in place.”

High Growth Companies Have a Lot to Earn From ISO 9001 Certification

“The two Harvard professors are banking on these high-growth firms’ experience and desire for growth to propel the American economy to a much better standing. These high-growth firms, many of which are in the basic industries like food services and construction, are sure to play a bigger role in the future.

These corporations can benefit a lot from ISO 9001 certification. ISO certification is meant to assess the company’s management principles on several factors. These companies will be thoroughly assessed for customer relations, leadership, system approaches to areas of need, and continual improvement among other things.”