Preparing For an AS9100 Audit: Some Tips on Taking the Earliest Steps

The coveted AS9100 revision C aerospace standard, also known as the AS9100:2009 Revision C standard, has been out for quite some time. To date, numerous companies have undertaken the process and successfully transitioned to the new standard—having conformed to new deadlines, rules and requirements presented within. If your company is looking to get accredited and an audit is in sight, you have to prepare for the processing ahead. Here are a few pointers to help you avoid mishaps and facilitate a smoother audit process.

Prior to the Stage 1 audit, you’ll have to ensure that your registrar has access to relevant information. For starters, you need to determine which percentage of your total revenue is from the aviation, space or defense industry as well as the number of your employees who work for such industries. You also have to name your top 5 customers from said industries and identify any customer specific approval status (i.e. limited approval, probation, or suspension).


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