ISO 9001 Certification for Law Firms: Signed, Notarized, Delivered

Of their lawyers, law firms expect nothing but the best representation available for their clients. It’s a plus when the practice surpasses world standards in ways that underline its quality service. In an article for the International Bar Association, corporate lawyer Oleksiy Bezhevets wrote that law firms aiming for the ISO 9001 certification label have a lot of work cut out for them.

Some people may think that ISO9001 is only for manufacturing or technology-based companies, but it can actually apply to any business, especially law firms. One Chicago-based law practice proved this right when a major certification auditor awarded it the ISO9001:2008 standard – the first in the international legal services circuit – back in 2009. With the impending activation of the ISO9001:2015 standards, law firms may need to set a higher bar, which is possible with the help of bodies such as the International Standards Authority, Inc. (ISA).


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